577975_10150961609158140_1274317841_nMy husband and I were both born and raised near Princeton, NJ.  Shortly after we got married we moved south near Atlanta, GA. We have four children. We’re what the world calls a “blended family.” Our two sons are my step sons. Hipster loves books and making music. Wisecracker is quick-witted and always singing. They are both college graduates, out on their own, trying to make it in this crazy world. Our two daughters, who we’ll call, Freckles and Smiley, are both in Elementary school. Freckles is my sweet, shy girl and Smiley is my affectionate encourager. My husband is my hero-of-few-words.  He is strong, funny, smart and really, REALLY cute. He’ll deny all of those things.
I’m a stay-at-home Mom and work part-time.  Let me just say, I am glaringly aware of how blessed I am to have this gig.  As my daughters enter Middle School, I will be homeschooling them.  I’m excited about that and a little terrified too.  My goal in parenting is to raise kids of good character who know they are loved, who love God and desire to honor Him.  I’m just a simple Jersey girl, raising two Southern Belles with one awesome husband.  I’d say, besides maybe some warm Jiffy cornbread with butter or inhaling the delicious scent of a newborn baby, nothing makes me happier.                          

                       ∼ Kelly